Project 4: Texture – Midterm


The design does indeed contain a primary focal point; it is located in the bottom right of the composition. I have a diagonal visual flow that carries out throughout the entire composition. I have used diagonal lines and the objects within the composition themselves as a way of establishing my visual flow. For my visual textures I used line density and size to resemble the textures that I used, as well as dotting. My design contains more than a few values, but it does not contain an entire value range. My design has very good detail and uses several aspects of shading that were learned in class. It also contains very accurate detail that could be found in the original composition made with real objects. I think that the composition could have used a lot more shading from lines or possibly even dotting to further enhance the perception of depth and shading that was evident in the real composition. The final design was executed professionally using the required materials. It was also made with care and a lot of effort was put into making the composition. However, I do believe that the mounting could have been done better.


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