Final Project

In my final design I used triangles as the main component in terms of shapes. In the design the entire picture plane is used and covered in gauche. Different values in the negative space have been used in an attempt at creating a sense of depth. There is evidence of convex and concave shapes being used, but not enough to be noticeable. The composition of the piece is asymmetrical, there is nothing blatantly cutting the picture plane. The weight of the piece is on the bottom as there are lines and shapes pointing down, or being implied in that direction. The directional flow of my design leads from top to bottom using many directional and converging lines. The primary focal point is on the lower left. The design implements the rule of thirds correctly as the focal point is not in the middle of the composition. The design used change in color and value to make the focal point stand out. The design gives the illusion of space by using different values and overlapping shapes.  The design has an overall warm color to it, as warmer colors are more prominent.  Saturation was controlled by mixing complementary colors in the design.


In My final design I wanted to convey aggression. The shapes in my design represent the emotion by having many sharp angles in the piece. Color was used to enhance aggression. The way I did this was by having warm colors throughout most of the piece. These warm colors are meant to resemble fire and aggression. Apart from the different values representing a sense of depth, it represents a flame. The values do this is by starting as the darkest blue on the top right of the design (the hottest part of a flame). As the values get lighter and more saturated it resembles the top of the flame. As you go right from left you get to the highest part of the flame being yellow. At the top of the flame it is a very obvious and symmetrical triangle which resembles a clear and clean emotion, aggression, hence why a light and pure color is used. The softer shapes of the design are placed further away from the tip of the flame in order resemble a less aggressive or less powerful emotion. Cooler colors are meant to represent the deeper part of the emotion. The further down the flame you go, the hotter it becomes, while at the same time the deeper you dive into an emotion the less powerful and reactive it becomes. On the surface it’s a jagged aggression. In the depths rather than finding the scorching source, you’ll find a calmer and cooler emotion, one that isn’t discovered without breaching through the surface first.


The successful parts of my design are the values, shapes, and use of directional forces. The design shows good depth by mixing complentary colors and desaturation. The shapes add to the composition by giving the piece a visual flow and implying lines. The shapes also align with the assignment guidelines. The directional forces provided by the values and shapes enhance the piece by giving the viewer a clear sense of direction. Something that could be heavily improved would be craftsmanship. Some Martials were not accessible to me during the time so the edges of the piece suffered. Strokes when painting should have been done with ore caution in order to give the color a solid look, rather than a clear-stroke filled texture. Too much water might have been used in certain areas that make the piece look blotchy in some areas.




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